SonRise July 2017

It’s summer. It’s hot outside but we’re not letting that slow us down. We’ve just finished our celebration and dedication of the new Grace House with Bishop Seage and a gourmet hotdog party. July fourth is on top of us and that can only mean one thing- it’s Heritage Month!

Time once more to celebrate the hymns we grew up with. Not just Episcopal hymns either, we are especially interested in hymns from other faith traditions as well. Ascension is pretty well split between cradle Episcopalians (or tricycle!- ask Susan) and those other of us brought up Methodist, Baptist, Church of Christ Holiness, or some other faith. And most of us are old enough to have grown up with Grand Ol’ Opry gospel or other broadcast music featuring great songs that have never made it to any hymnal. We want to know the hymns and gospel songs that meant the most to you. We’ll do out best to find them and work them into the services this month.

And don’t forget the ‘dinner on the grounds’ that will cap it off at the end of the month. This time try this: bring the recipe for your potluck dish to the church to add to our Ascension cookbook. We look forward to seeing you!

In Christ’s love,